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Image by Hemant Kanojiya
Pre Construction


  • Provide expertise and recommendations in areas of engineering, technical review & risk management 


  • Advise on approval process


  • Prepare detailed design development


  • Schedule with milestones until project start date 


  • Municipal approvals & construction approvals 


  • Oversee effective coordination of design time


  • Preparation of permit & construction documents 


  • Prepare preliminary budget


  • Provide technical assistance

During Construction


  • Prepare and track elemental construction budget

  • Monitor comprehensive construction schedule 

  • Prepare documents, bidders list & solicit contractors quotations for clients review

  • Ensure health and safety policy on site through continuous implementation

  • Conduct regular site inspections to ensure work complies with clients requirements


  • Consistently monitor and advise on progress with a weekly construction report


  • Prepare home for pre-delivery inspection with client

Post Construction


  • Coordinate pre-delivery inspections with client

  • Manage any deficiencies that arise

  • Correction of any deficiencies prior to occupancy 

  • Coordinate, manage & supervise complexion of all project closeout items

  • Occupancy inspection with local municipalities

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